Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tegrity Playback within Windows 8 and Internet Explorer

One thing to know about Windows 8- two versions of Internet Explorer exist.

One of these is "touch friendly" and is the metro app on the start page with the address bar at the bottom which does NOT support all add-ons, etc. This would affect Tegrity playing video portion of the recording. The lower right corner with the PowerPoint slides does seem to be visible. It is the main window (pane) that is affected.
The other Internet Explorer is the full version, "desktop friendly". Go to the desktop and select Internet Explorer and it should appear and function the same as IE10 does on other computers. Tegrity playback may function within this version provided the Windows Media player is up-to-date to WMP10, 11 or 12. 11 or 12 are preferred.

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