Monday, August 5, 2013

July 2013 HelpDesk Incident Response Feedback Survey Results

HelpDesk Results for Feedback Survey of Closed Tickets
HelpDesk Feedback Results for July
We had 10 responses to the HelpDesk Feedback Survey that is included with each closed ticket emailed to our customers.
Of these 10, 9 were very positive and the 10th apparently was a communication error where the email was sent to someone that had not contacted the HelpDesk. Our apologies to him or her.
We ask 4 questions:
Was your issue accurately documented in the initial call logging process?
Do you feel that you were treated with respect during your contact with HelpDesk staff?
Was your issue resolved on first contact?
If your issue was not resolved on first contact, do you feel you receive a timely response?
Of the 9 responses from customers that contacts us the results were as follows:
Correctly documented: 9 for 9
Treated with respect:9 for 9
Resolved (Closed) on First Contact : 7 for 9 the one "no" response indicated staff was very helpful.
Timely Response if not CoFC: 9 for 9
We also solicit additional feedback/comments along with Technician that closed the call (ticket).
A few comments from these respondents these are shorted versions:
Technician was helpful and personable.... resolve quickly with clear instructions.
Technician:Doug Waller MPLS campus
A huge thanks to Heidi (Johnson) for walking through the process and following up later.
Excellent Service, Thank you, Worked out great! Technician: Brian Behling
I would give them an A+ (Smile) I thought issue was resolved previously but had issues later... "way to go..."  Technician: Amanda Frost
"Thanks for resolving the issue." technician Camden Webster, TA
Sampson Davis also got a positive response even though the ticket was not resolved at first contact.
If you have ever wanted to be a statistic, please fill out the HelpDesk Feedback Survey when your HelpDesk ticket is closed. Unless you choose to identify yourself in the comments section, responses are completely anonymous. Please be kind, honest, and civil in your responses.
Thanks, iT and HelpDesk Staff