Thursday, October 4, 2012

HelpDesk Ticket Resolution Survey

HelpDesk customers have a survey included in each email received when a HelpDesk ticket is closed by iT or HelpDesk staff. This short survey is available to all customers to choose the various detailed options and provide comments of the service provided to him/her for that particular issue. The survey is specifically and purposely designed to be 100% anonymous when reviewed by iT management. This is an important part in soliciting honest feedback from our customers.
With this said, I would invite you to include some identifying information in the comments section if you would like to receive follow up on the ticket at hand. It can be as simple as including the Ticket number in the comments. Upon reviewing the surveys, there are cases where I want to follow up with the customer about a concern, lack of information provided, or an outright miss on getting the resolution completed to the customer's satisifaction. While having the feedback being anonymous is positive, it can cause an issue with resolving a specific issue brought up, as myself or higher iT management cannot address the specific concern, procedure, or process flaw that prompted the challenging feedback.
We really appreciate all the positive feedback we get and would like to pass it along to the appropriate iT or HelpDesk staff when possible. Again include this in the comments section or include the closing tech username.
A few comments received for September 2012
  • Excellent service for a new faculty member! Tech: Don Grubb
  • "I talked with Sylvia and as always, she was fantastic!!  All is OK." Sylvia Pflughoeft
  • I had a number ofissues getting set up on St. Mary's email etc. The help desk was extremely useful. Thanks  No one listed as the tech.
  • He has been very helpful. Thanks. Jaime Carreno HelpDesk TA
  • Mike Montgomery is incredibly helpful and patient.  Thank you for your service!
  • Donny came up quickly and addressed my problem by taking the faulty computer downstairs for a fix. He also helped me transfer files to new computer.  Donny Cisewski
  • The technician was awesome!!!!  He responded quickly, knew how to fix the problem and stayed to verify it was, in fact, fixed.  I love the SMU help desk!  Good job. no tech listed
  • A couple comments were not glowing but not negative either.The issues were resolved just not as effectively as maybe they could have been.
In September, there were 39 responses to the survey. Of these, 30 were closed on first contact.
38 were perceived to be closed in a timely manner. The one that was not was a complex issue that was not easily fixed and took longer than expected to resolve. It affected a fairly busy area used by students, so down time is an issue.
39 out of 39 thought they were treated with respect and had the issue documented accurately which is a key component of HelpDesk and iT service effectiveness.

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