Thursday, October 4, 2012

HelpDesk Results for September 2012

HelpDesk Tickets and Results
Tickets documented: 685
Closed on First Contact: 347
CoFC %: 51%
CoFC Goal: 58%
Winona Campus Results: 587, 259, 44%
Staff Achieving 58% CoFC goal: Brian Behling 65%, John Youngkrantz 70%, Tom Plante 63%, Thalia Acevedo 67%, Jocelyn Thompson 69%, Bridget Ryan 67%, Paul Thompson 63%, Briana Ashmore 71%, David Corpstein 67%, Heidi Johnson 60%, Ryan Ballanger 67%, Ben Ludescher and Tyler Kline 100%
These are listed in order by quantity of tickets documented from highest to lowest.
Minneapolis Campus Results: 98, 88, 90%
Staff achieving 58% CoFC goal: Mike Montgomery 80%, Doug Waller 100%, Lincoln Scully 88%
Top 5 Specific Types of tickets:
  • Sync Passwords 153, These are typically passwords iT or HelpDesk staff need to intervene to successfully reset for the customers.
  • Equipment Pickup (Winona Campus) 49 Consumer devices checked out at the HelpDesk. Most of these happened the last two weeks of September.
  • Computer PC 30 Issues or problems with Windows based computers, typically hardware related.
  • Get Connected 23 Getting devices connected to the SMU ResNet or wireless networks.
  • Student Computer Dropoff 20 Student owned computers that had issues connecting that needed more time to resolve than usual.
Top 5 Ticket types account for 40% total documented tickets.

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