Friday, June 13, 2014

Printing statisics for 2014 Fiscal year ended 5-31-14

Printing statistics for 6-1-13 through 5-31-14
These are for print jobs that went through the print servers only. Any direct printing to a print via IP address printing is not tabulating nor is local printing in an office via USB cable.
2014                                     2013 for comparison
Total pages:    2,169,700         2,342,399
Total sheets*: 1,582,450         1,712,906
Total Jobs:         491,205            539,781
Average pages per job:   4.42        4.34
Average sheets* per job: 3.22       3.17
* sheet is one piece of paper, page is one side of a sheet. Think of a book, it has two pages per sheet of paper.
Of note while the page volume went down the actual per job sheet quantity went up. This indicates less two-sided printing was done 2014 versus 2013.
The top 3 printers, page count wise, were in the Main floor public space of the Library; GremLab 160,331, GremLab2 139,376, and Lib Webpals, 101,400.
The top 3 printers, sheet count wise, were GremLab 92,408, FAID2 83,046, and GremLab2 81,191.
The top 3 printer, total print job wise, were GremLab 25,292, Gremlab2 22,924, and FAID2 22,428
Please be conscientious when printing, as paper does cost money to buy and if not recycled ends up in landfills.
iT and HelpDesk staff

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