Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Regarding smumn.edu website loading issues...

From Marketing Department:

Many users are reporting that pages on the site, smumn.edu, are appearing blank or jumbled. This problem is caused by web servers or local workstations 'caching' or storing locally a copy of all or parts of the website assets. This issue is not surprising, and not everyone is experiencing this problem.

Time will fix this issue, but users can possibly fix the problem quicker by emptying (refreshing) the cache on their browsers. This can be done in a couple ways depending on the platform/browser. Windows PC users can hit CTRL + F5, regardless of the browser. Mac users browsing with Chrome or Firefox can hit APPLE (Command) + R.

Again, for most (external) visitors this should not be an issue, and will fix itself in time. Thank you all for the feedback on the updated look. Many are also using this as an opportunity to send additional comments, changes or fixes to the site in general. I'd like to just remind you that you can submit a request at anytime via the Marketing and Communication online request form.

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