Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February 2013 HelpDesk Stats...

The iT HelpDesk February Results
Tickets created: 447
Closed on First Contact: 257
CoFC percentage:  57.5%
HelpDesk Goal: 58%
Winona HelpDesk Results:
Tickets: 389
CoFC: 202
CoFC %: 52%
Winona HelpDesk Staff that achieved 58% goal:
Brian Behling(iT), Prescilla Ramirez (TA), Owen Kuemerle (TA), Tom Plante (TA),
Heather Ludwig(TA), Stephanie Delveaux(TA), Camden Webster(TA)
Minneapolis HelpDesk Staff Results:
Tickets: 58
CoFC: 55
CoFC %: 95%
All staff made CoFC goal.
Thanks Mike Montgomery, Doug Waller, Alex Ajaluwa, and Lincoln Scully.


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