Thursday, December 13, 2012

HelpDesk Winter Recess Hours

Winona Campus

December 18th - December 20th: 8am-8pm.
December 21st: 8am-4:30pm
December 22nd - January 1st: Closed
January 3rd and January 4th: 8am-8pm
January 4th: 8am-5pm
January 5th and 6th: Closed
January 7th-10th: 8am-8pm
January 11th: 8am-5pm
January 12th: Closed
January 13th: 2pm-10pm
Monday 14th: Regular academic year hours resume.

Twin Cities Campus

December 17th - 21st: 8am-5pm
December 22nd -Tuesday January 1st:  Closed
January 2nd - 4th:  8am-5pm
January 5th:  Closed
January 6th:  Regular academic year hours resume.

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