Wednesday, November 7, 2012

HelpDesk Ticket Results for October 2012
The HelpDesk as a whole had another solid month with serving our SMU customers.
HelpDesk and iT staff documented 520 ticket from October 1 - 31, 2012.
The Closed on First Contact (CoFC) total was 312.
The CoFC percentage was 60% which is above the goal of 58% CoFC.
The following Winona Campus HelpDesk TA's achieved the 58% goal: Shaun Hornung 59%, Jocelyn Thompson 68%, Tom Plante 89%, John Youngkrantz 76%, David Corpstein 58%, Jaime Carreno 67%, Taylor Irish 73%, Lisa D'Acquisto 70%, Bridget Ryan 67%, John Uhal 75%, Doug Leonard 67%, Stephanie Delveaux 100%. These are listed in most tickets documented to fewest tickets documented.
Winona Campus iT staff results: Brian Behling 69%, Amanda Frost 75%.
MPLS Campus results: Doug Waller 100%, Mike Montgomery 85%, Lincoln Scully 100%, and Alex Ajaluwa (new) 100%.
Thank you to all for doing such a great job resolving customer requests effectively.

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